Why You Need To Stretch Your Comfort Zone

Published: 31st January 2007
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My favourite definition of "crazy" is "doing what you've always done but expecting your results to be different." Most people are afraid to change what they have always done, but the truth is that if you don't learn to stretch your comfort zone regularly then life will not improve for you.

Everybody has a comfort zone, but is it something we were born with or something that we developed?

The latest scientific advances by researchers such as Dr Bruce Lipton of "Biology of Belief" fame have shown that our genes do not determine our personality. Our genes provide us with many possible "blueprints" that our subconscious mind chooses to use or not use as it sees fit. In essence our comfort zone is simply a collection of habits that we have acquired over our lifetime.

When we were teenagers we were forced to stretch our comfort zones because of the changes that were naturally occurring in our lives as we made the transition from childhood into adulthood.

The teenage years are often traumatic emotionally, but most people get through them and go on to live long lives. Unfortunately many of those people react to the pain of change they experienced during teenage years by becoming very resistant to change throughout adulthood. By the time they are thirty they are basically living the same year over and over, without much personal, spiritual or financial growth.

If you want to become a lot more than you are now, in any aspect of your life, then you have to work through that resistance to change!

The people who say "I want to become really rich but I don't want to change who I am" are just fooling themselves. If you already had the habits and qualities that lead to riches then you would already have become rich or at least you would be making definite, measurable progress each day toward becoming rich.

Getting rich is not an accident. Being a happy person is not an accident. Becoming successful in any field is not an accident. All forms of success are the results of your habitual thoughts and actions.

If you want to change your life then you have to change how you think, how you act and who you are as a person. This requires a stretching of the comfort zone.

It may help, during this stretching, to remind yourself that one person's stress is another person's excitement; the difference is in the interpretation.

An example of this principle is physical training. The average person finds physical training tough, exhausting and often painful and they avoid it wherever possible. The professional sports person finds physical training tough, exhausting and often painful and they learn to love the challenge of it.

It's not the pain of change that is different, it is how you think about that change that determines whether or not you avoid it or thrive on the challenge.

The secret to regularly and successfully stretching your comfort zone is to approach it as you might approach weight training. Get into the habit of making little stretches each and every day and keep that up long enough to learn to love that comfort zone stretching habit.

In other words, you will get to the point where the act of regularly stretching your comfort zone becomes, in itself, a part of your comfort zone. Then you have to keep stretching in order to feel "normal" for you.

Have YOU already developed the comfort zone stretching habit or are you one of those "crazy" people who is "doing what you've always done but expecting your results to be different?"

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