The Hammer That Shatters Glass Forges Steel

Published: 15th March 2007
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The title of this article is from an old Russian proverb yet it is very true today in all cultures of the world. It is not the circumstances that you are in that determine your outcome. Given the same circumstances some people thrive while others perish. Let's look at how to thrive.

In the title above the hammer represents the challenges of life, the glass represents the people who are defeated by those challenges and the steel represents the people who use those same challenges to forge a stronger character and go on to become all that they can be.

What is it that the steel people have and the glass people do not have?

Firstly the steel people believe that they can control their own destiny.

Some of these people are totally self reliant and believe that they hold inside themselves the ability to achieve whatever they want to achieve regardless of the roadblocks and challenges that they encounter along the way.

Others believe that there is a higher power that determines their outcomes but that if they ask for the help of this higher power then it will give them all the strength and potential they need in order to achieve their goals regardless of the circumstances or setbacks. All they have to do is then apply that strength and potential to overcome the roadblocks and challenges.

Even though the two beliefs are very different from the perspective of who wields the ultimate power they are identical from the perspective that it is the person himself or herself that thinks the appropriate thoughts and takes the appropriate actions to bring their goal into reality regardless of circumstances.

The glass people tend to see themselves as being at the mercy of their circumstances. Whether they believe these circumstances are controlled by a higher power or by predetermined fate or by pure luck they still believe that they need favorable circumstances in order to achieve.

If you believe that the circumstances hold the ultimate power then you never do more than "try" to overcome them. The word "try" has an implication of failing. The steel people never "try". The steel people persist and brainstorm and take action until they are successful.

Because the glass people have the underlying model that circumstance hold the power then they are prone to offering excuses to themselves and to others. Excuses are a means to shift responsibility away from yourself and to put it onto something that is beyond your control. Excuses are a way of avoiding doing what it takes to succeed.

The steel people aren't into excuses. The steel people take total responsibility for their own outcomes whether those outcomes are good or bad. When you take total responsibility then you are empowering yourself to triumph over circumstances and achieve your goals.

By taking responsibility the steel people have to develop their own character in order to equip it with the tools for success. They forge the steel by becoming more than they were before they encountered the challenge. They follow the philosophy of working for a stronger back rather than wishing for a lighter load.

The glass people use their mental energy wishing that circumstances would be kinder to them. They assume that the people who do better in life do so because they have a lighter load or because they were born rich enough to be given their own forklift to carry the load for them.

If you choose to be a glass person then your life is in the hands of fate but if you choose to be a steel person your life is in your own hands and anything is possible for you. Which have you been choosing to be in your life; glass or steel?

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